PNG women in agritourism agreement

AN AGREEMENT has been signed to strengthen the cooperation and partnerships between some important regional farming organisations at the Pacific Week of Agriculture in Port Vila last week.
PNG women in agritourism agreement PNG women in agritourism agreement PNG women in agritourism agreement PNG women in agritourism agreement PNG women in agritourism agreement

Vanuatu Agriculture Minister Matai Seremaiah Nawalu with Maria Lini (PNG Women in Agriculture) and Jiu Daunivalu (Fiji Crops and Livestock Council) signing the memorandum of understanding of Pacific partnerships for agriculture

Staff Reporter

The Vanuatu Daily Post reports that several organisations have banded together to recognise the important contribution that they could make in supporting agritourism across the Pacific.
The organisations include the Papua New Guinea Women in Agriculture; Fiji Crop and Livestock Council; the Vanuatu Farm Support Association, PNG Women in Business, PNG Women in Coffee and other farming cooperatives.
The memorandum of understanding was signed in the presence of Agriculture Minister Matai Seremaiah Nawalu and the ministry's director general Benjamin Shing.
The agreement recognises that tourism and agriculture have strong complementary roles in the development of Pacific Island economies. There are major benefits for the tourism industry if it can easily sources high quality fresh organic produce from local farmers.
"Tourist hotels and restaurants are a major market for local growers to target in their selling strategy," Nawalu said.
"When we include cruise ship visitors, the number of tourists visiting Vanuatu each year is greater than our own population. Therefore we should aim to supply these visitors as a priority."
The representatives of the other Pacific Island groups that signed the memorandum said they also recognised the important possibilities of food sales to tourism operators, and the benefits of creating opportunities for tourists to visit farms and food processing centres, as part of sharing local culture.