Lae to go nuts for galip distribution

THE National Agriculture Research Institute has expanded its commercialised galip nut distribution into Lae, through its partnership with the City Pharmacy Group.
Lae to go nuts for galip distribution Lae to go nuts for galip distribution Lae to go nuts for galip distribution Lae to go nuts for galip distribution Lae to go nuts for galip distribution

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Lae-based food technologist Miriam Simin and Rabaul-based sales manager Whelance Mollo brought the first 100g packages to the shelves at City Pharmacy's top-town outlet in Lae, The National newspaper reported.
Simin says the introduction of galip into the Lae market is part of an ongoing research into understanding the "psycho-demographics of local customers and consumers while also providing a sustainable supply".
"Being a national research entity, our focus is on understanding local consumers and then sharing that information with private entrepreneurs who are interested in this industry," she said.
"It's not about competition for us, but about creating opportunities. We want to create a niche market or space for galip itself and in doing so, put money into the pockets of our locals."
Simin said research dated back two decades on the nut which grows extensively in Papua New Guinea's coastal areas.
"So bringing galip here is to fill the gap between the consumers and the supply sources, and giving an opportunity for our ordinary citizens to buy and consume local galip," she said.
"We understand that there's an influx of nuts from outside to. Currently, we have three small to medium entrepreneurs involved in the galip trade in East New Britain — that's DMS, Frangipani Foods and Tropic Fronds.
"We recently had a private entity come on board as an investor, so these are pathways we're creating for investors. We want investors to know the dynamics of the market locally and then expand internationally where the bigger markets are."
Simin said so far, the reception had been good, with positive responses from hoteliers.




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