Ukuni women win coffee award

FEMILI PNG Coffee has received a bronze medal for its products at the recent 2023 Royal Adelaide Coffee Show in South Australia.
Ukuni women win coffee award Ukuni women win coffee award Ukuni women win coffee award Ukuni women win coffee award Ukuni women win coffee award

The judges at the 2023 Royal Adelaide Coffee Show were, front row from left: Rosie Hill, Lachlan Hoskins, Dariusz Lewandowski, Paul Mannassis, Ross Perre, Robert Triboli and Tim Sweet; and, second row: Sharon Jan, Oliver Brown, David Train, Adam Hills, Michael Smith, Peter Giannakis, Ian Callahan and Sue Stagg

Staff Reporter

 The coffee roasted by Niugini Arabica was judged the highest for its taste, smell and visual appearance.
A total of 303 exhibitors, from all over Australia and the Pacific, competed for a prestige Royal Adelaide medal.
Exhibitors could present in four classes: plunger, piccolo, latte, and espresso.
"To ensure an accurate representation of the industry, imported blends, Australian, and single origin coffees were all accepted for evaluation," said chief judge Paul Mannassis.
"The inviting aroma of freshly ground coffee filled the room as the judges meticulously assessed each exhibit. Flavours they were on the lookout for included caramel, nuts, chocolate, and fruit. The overall quality of the exhibits was of a high standard, which was reflected by the number of medals awarded," Mannassis said.
Femili PNG Coffee is an NGO which supports Friends of Femili PNG, another NGO which in turn provides support for survivors of family and sexual violence.
Friends of Femili PNG CEO Lauren Hallett said the coffee beans were grown by the Ukuni women of Western Highlands, local media were told.
"Due to the remoteness of the village, there is limited access to service and infrastructure. This has led to coffee becoming a vital source of income for these women and their communities."
Hallett said the organisation started selling coffee beans in Australia last year, providing economic opportunities to the women farmers.
Owner of Niugini Arabica Theo Levantis told The National newspaper that the beans women produce were excellent.
"The award is an honour for us but is a testimony to the women farming cooperative that we source the beans from," he said.
Hallett said each coffee cup supported survivors of family, sexual and sorcery accusation-related violence in the country.
"We are gratefully for the award," Hallett said.