Dating 101 for FIFO workers

FLY-IN, fly-out work takes a toll not only on individuals but also on personal relationships. A chef from Fortescue Metals Group is addressing these issues on his blog after overcoming his own difficulties.
Dating 101 for FIFO workers Dating 101 for FIFO workers Dating 101 for FIFO workers Dating 101 for FIFO workers Dating 101 for FIFO workers

"The main aim of the blog is to really bring some awareness to some guys who really want help in maybe procuring a relationship with a woman or want some better results in finding a woman," The FIFO Bachelor's Blog creator Brett Gilbert said.

Gilbert, who is also a certified neuro linguistics life coach, has been working FIFO for the past four years and said the roster was not hard to begin with.

"But it did become hard because I became a bit lonely, plus I was already a disaster with women," he said.

"Women were attracted to me but I would just screw it up."

The idea for the blog came when Gilbert decided to start conducting some research into how he could better his relationships.

"I got a lot of information from the world's leading dating coaches and self development books, and I went out and implemented it," he said.

"I eventually started seeing some improvements with my relationships and I started to notice the behaviour in the other guys that I work with. And it was kind of like looking in the mirror of the past.

"That's when the light bulb went off and I started working on the book and the website that night."

The most common question asked on the website, he said, was about how to progress a relationship with a woman.

"Women also actually comment on how much they like the website, and every now and then they ask where they can meet guys."

Gilbert is also planning to release a book this year titled The Fly-In Fly-Out Bachelor: A FIFO Bachelor's Guide to Success with Women.

"The book is a more in-depth version of the website," he said.

"The book goes through the process of how I changed my behavior in order to get different results with women."

The book also goes into state of mind as well as emotional control, and how individuals can use it to improve their quality of life.

A FMG spokeswoman told that Fortescue supported Gilbert's efforts to encourage men to talk about some of the challenges of the FIFO lifestyle and work on their relationships both at home and at work.

Support and information service provider for FIFO mine workers Mining Family Matters company director Alicia Ranford said feedback on its website over the past 18-months revealed many men struggled to find a healthy work-life balance.

"The very nature of FIFO means that many workers can find it hard to meet and socialise regularly with the opposite sex," she said.

"Their time in a city is limited so Brett's advice can help them to have more confidence in the short amount of time they have available to meet a companion."

Gilbert said there was not a lot of research into the effects of FIFO work.

"Until there is a bit more scientific research throughout the populous of FIFO mining sector workers, companies are probably a bit tied with their hands," he said.

The Resource Channel director Jody Elliott said companies were starting to be more proactive.

"We are seeing an increase in FIFO flights from regional sites around Australia," she said.

"Other organisations have high-speed internet access so workers can Skype and keep in touch with family and friends, more social events and family days as well as moving toward a far more appealing FIFO roster."

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