Teamwork on food rations

THE aftershocks from the deadly February earthquake in several provinces in Papua New Guinea may long have died away – but the work to rebuild communities continues.
Teamwork on food rations Teamwork on food rations Teamwork on food rations Teamwork on food rations Teamwork on food rations

Food rations about to be loaded onto the aircraft

Staff Reporter

Earthquake and drought impacted communities in Western Province have received help recently with food rations from the Western Provincial Administration, North Fly District Office and Disaster Committee of Western Province delivered in partnership with ExxonMobil PNG.
North Fly District disaster coordinator Max Maina thanked Exxon for chartering the flight which enabled their organisations to deliver the food to people in need.
Exxon says 40 cartons of tinned fish and nearly 400 ten kilogram bags of rice were flown to airstrips for delivery to Olsobip, Golgobip, Biangabip and Bolibip villages by the local level government officials there.
"The ongoing impact from the earthquake earlier this year and the recent drought continues to affect food and water in a number of areas in the province," Exxon said.
Maina said under the earthquake restoration plan, there were many supplies that had to be distributed and Exxon's assistance in these efforts was appreciated.