300 homeless in East New Britain

RECENT heavy rain in East New Britain has caused 35 homes to be severely damaged by flood waters with 300 made homeless and schools suspended.
300 homeless in East New Britain 300 homeless in East New Britain 300 homeless in East New Britain 300 homeless in East New Britain 300 homeless in East New Britain

Staff Reporter

The National newspaper reports that Caritas coordinator of the Archdiocese of Rabaul, Gabriel Pabet, visited families taking refuge at St Joseph's Malagunan Parish Hall and the village to make an assessment.
He said that Malagunan No 3 village comprised five zones, two of which were badly affected.
The number of families affected and entering the parish grounds continued to increase, Pabet said. He added that St Joseph's Malagunan Parish priest Francis Paska was working with the Rabaul district personnel to help in the crisis.
Paska said rations and basic kitchenware was being provided for the affected families.
Pius Romi, a church leader and one of those affected by the flooding, said the area was a 30m wide pathway for mud-flow during the 1994 volcanic eruptions.
Romi said that the reason for the devastating floods was the build-up of water from previous floods further up at the Burmah Ridge due to landslides that blocked the gully and turned it into a dam which burst its banks and widened the flow to about 100m.
He said there were a few injuries but no-one died.
Paska acknowledged his own church and community leaders for welcoming, organising, and controlling the affected families. He encouraged them to live communally and share equally whatever they received.
He thanked the Rabaul district and Caritas Rabaul for their immediate response.