New PNGReport website today

PNGReport launches its new website today in a move to keep up with the nation – Papua New Guinea – and Pacific region, which is developing and changing so rapidly.
New PNGReport website today New PNGReport website today New PNGReport website today New PNGReport website today New PNGReport website today

Staff Reporter

The new design features an opening snapshot of the five top stories of the day - similar to, but an improvement on, the old site.
Highly navigable, all the buttons at the top of the page will guide you to the section in which you are most interested; mining, energy, government, community, regions and so on. This will be a vast improvement for our loyal readers.
It has added features, such as an updated search function, greater visibility of the best-read stories and a more refined listing of reports and features.
PNGReport's focus firmly remains on mining and industry news, but as politics, women's issues, health and education are so inextricably linked in our modern world, we will strive to bring you the best and strongest news stories.
We love bringing you the good news about this proud nation, Papua New Guinea, and its Pacific neighbours - and believe that our new website will faithfully reflect that.
Grab a coffee and spend a little time playing on the new site; we think you will like it. Let us know what you think by dropping us a note on our Facebook page or if you are not a subscriber yet, consider the options.
Happy reading! Visit