Lae police winning with CCTV

POLICE Lae say they have made a breakthrough in limiting crime at the Lae Market, thanks to the installation of closed-circuit television there.
Lae police winning with CCTV Lae police winning with CCTV Lae police winning with CCTV Lae police winning with CCTV Lae police winning with CCTV

Anthony Wagambie

Staff Reporter

Lae Metropolitan Police commander Anthony Wagambie says that 63 arrests have been made since the use of CCTV began.
"Identification of perpetrators, apprehension leading to formal arrests has been made easy with the use of CCTV. The 63 arrests have been made by Market Police and SRU 101 members.
"These are mainly street vending, drunk and disorderly behaviour and traffic offences at the bus stop. Unauthorised public motor vehicle crew or most commonly called ‘K5 bosscrew' here in Lae have also been apprehended and arrested. 
"There have not been any reports of car tampering or stealing from parked motor vehicles, which have been a common problem before CCTV cameras were mounted," Wagambie said.
He added that stealing from parked vehicles used to occur daily and that the syndicate that used to pick-pocket and steal from vehicles has been disbanded from the market area because many have been apprehended and arrested.
"The Lae District Court sent them to prison at Buimo after being convicted," Wagambie said. 
Because of the success of this, Wagambie said he had already consulted with partners to roll out CCTV to other parts of the city.
"The petty criminals from market have now moved to town and we have done scoping on where the cameras will be placed. Top Town and Eriku is next in line. We will be using wireless connectivity so the control will be in our new Communications Centre, currently under construction," Wagambie said. 
 He says that CCTV cameras will be rolled out elsewhere in the city.
"I appeal to the public to be patient with us as we move step by step. This is not being funded by the government but by our partners in the private sector, who want to help make Lae city a safer place for all.
"This didn't happen overnight, it took us time and effort to win the trust and confidence of these business houses to put in their own money to assist us. I thank my rank and file of police personnel for their hard work in carrying out their work diligently, and adjusting to the changes we have made in policing tactics," Wagambie said. 
"At the end of the day, when there is law and order in place for everyone, the city will gain through investment and revenue going back to the government. With the inception of the Lae City Authority, taxes will come back to Lae and Morobe Province for delivery of basic government services," he said. 


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