K67,000 to support Hiri Moale

THE ever-popular Hiri Moale Festival will be taking place on September 21 and 22 this year and, once again, ExxonMobil PNG is supporting the event.
K67,000 to support Hiri Moale K67,000 to support Hiri Moale K67,000 to support Hiri Moale K67,000 to support Hiri Moale K67,000 to support Hiri Moale

Motu Koita Assembly chairman Dadi Toka and 2018 Hiri Hanenamo Queen Asia-Wendy Rarua thanking PNG LNG plant operations anager Alyssa Warner for ExxonMobil PNG’s sponsorship support

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Part of this is the Motu Koita Music Festival, which takes place in July 27 and the Vanagi race, which will take place on a date still to be confirmed.
The Hiri Moale Festival celebrates a centuries-old traditional trade voyage of the Motu people of Central Province and ExxonMobil PNG continues to support the event this year with a contribution of K67,000 towards it. The company has supported the festival since 2014.
PNG LNG plant operations manager Alyssa Warner said ExxonMobil PNG worked closely with communities and local governments to preserve and manage cultural resources in PNG LNG project areas.
PNG LNG says it is also supporting a workshop on pottery making at Porebada Village to revive Hiri Motu pottery which was once used in the Hiri trade. "The workshop is seeking to pass down to the next generation the traditional skills to make clay pottery, an art that is slowly disappearing with the older generation," said PNG LNG, which also supports the Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival.