What readers think of us …

THE results of a reader survey about what our audience thinks of PNG Report magazine and PNG Report newsletter have just been finalised.
What readers think of us … What readers think of us … What readers think of us … What readers think of us … What readers think of us …
Thank you to all who took the time to respond, as this helps editorial, advertising and marketing to direct our energies to where readers want us to go.
Most of the respondents came from the mining, energy, agriculture, finance and government sectors and those who took the survey were either company executives or senior management members.
Most respondents (75%) received their news via the PNG Report newsletter, which publishes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Regarding the PNG Report magazine, most respondents received their copies via corporate subscriptions, while some read it on flights and others still in hotels and at conferences.
Respondents were most interested in reports about energy, mining, agriculture, markets and finance, government, community services, health, education and infrastructure-construction.
On respondents' wish-list for more coverage were tourism, education, foreign exchange, construction, farming, research and development in education, real estate, power, mineral exploration, communications and finance.
Separately, according to Google Analytics reports, PNG Report newsletter has more than 71,500 users who clicked on more than 172,000 news items in the calendar year 2019.
The greatest audience is, somewhat predictably, Papua New Guinea (21.55%), Australia (19.52%) the United States (31.46%), with a wide range of countries in the Pacific and wider world filling the rest.


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