NGCB responds to churches' criticism

STUNG by churches’ criticism that the construction of a casino at Paga Hill would not be in the best interests of Papua New Guinea, the National Gaming and Control Board claims it has contributed K25 million to churches nationwide since 2013.
NGCB responds to churches' criticism NGCB responds to churches' criticism NGCB responds to churches' criticism NGCB responds to churches' criticism NGCB responds to churches' criticism

Clement Kanau

Staff Reporter

This was said by board chairman Clemence Kanau, who adds that the gaming industry has been a large contributor to the various sectors of the economy.
He said that the legalisation of gambling was a milestone achievement and the gaming money has contributed immensely to church-run hospitals, schools and even building churches in this country.
"The money has been channelled through various requests by various denominations in the country. Mainline churches have received K12.3 million, evangelical churches K4.6 million, Pentecostal churches K5.4 million and all other churches have collectively received about K3 million.
"The K25 million was directly provided to various projects requested by church groups."
Kanau made this statement in response to concerns raised by churches on the announcement of the country's first casino development.
He said the gaming industry's support to churches would increase with the anticipated high returns. 
Kanau said the National Gaming Board would not be funding the project. "The funding will come from the Paga Hill Development Company and project partners," he said.
Kanau said all participants in the casino project near Port Moresby's Ela Beach would be vetted to ensure that they met all the necessary requirements, The National newspaper reported.
"Once that is completed, there will also be strict measures in place for those who wish to participate in casino gambling which will also exclude minors from entering," he said.


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