PNG leads the way in language count

DESPITE a population of just 8.8 million, Papua New Guinea comes in first with a total of 840 languages spoken across the country.
PNG leads the way in language count PNG leads the way in language count PNG leads the way in language count PNG leads the way in language count PNG leads the way in language count

Staff Reporter

This is the finding of business trend website which notes that to put things into perspective, the number of PNG languages represent almost 12% of the world's languages spoken in an area that is roughly the size of California.
"A likely reason for the country's linguistic diversity is its isolation from modern life," virtualcapitalist reports.
It notes that 80% of Papua New Guinea's population lives in rural areas and has minimal contact with external influences or other tribes.
Second on the list is Indonesia, with 711 different languages used throughout the country.
Like Papua New Guinea, a major factor that could explain its language diversity is its geography — Indonesia is made up of around 17,500 islands (although more than 7000 of them are uninhabited).
While a multitude of languages still exist, around 40% of the world's languages are at risk of dying out. Even in parts of the world where immense linguistic diversity remains, languages are disappearing with each subsequent generation.
In efforts to combat this, organisations like the United Nations are trying to promote and protect these endangered languages.
Neighbour Australia has another interesting language distinction: about 23% of Australia's population speaks a language that is not English in their own homes.



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