Securing an outstanding international reputation

Royal Boon Edam is offering their full range of building entry solutions to Papua New Guinea.

Securing an outstanding international reputation Securing an outstanding international reputation Securing an outstanding international reputation Securing an outstanding international reputation Securing an outstanding international reputation

Tourlock, revolving doors, which include Boon Edam’s most advanced high security revolving doors.

Royal Boon Edam

Established more than 140 years ago, the Netherlands Royal Boon Edam International B V company covers every corner of the globe, manufacturing security doors and entrance solutions in the Netherlands, America and China, for government and corporate clients.

"We've done quite a bit of work in Papua New Guinea already and we have some fairly high profile clients we are currently working with," Boon Edam Australian national sales manager Alastair Russell told PNG Report.

"Depending on the product required and whether there is an existing building, we can work directly with the client or if it's a new build, we can do it in co-operation with the architect, providing all plans and drawings as well as carrying out all the necessary approvals.

"Boon Edam can also customise the product to suit a particular requirement - with timing depending on the application - while stocks of the Speedlane security gates and turnstiles can be turned around in about a month."

Russell said the company had received many inquiries from PNG, including banks and a major petrochemical company. "We have a long-standing relationship with local electrical and engineering company, Port Moresby Electrical, for all installation and service and that has worked very well. They are highly trained in Boon Edam products.

"We treat each project as an individual solution rather than just a case of ‘here's our product, now off you go'. We're always happy to talk to people about security solutions and bespoke requirements face-to-face and provide the benefit of our security entrance knowledge garnered over 140 years when assisting with their entrance design.

"In Australia, our security products have been installed in a wide range of buildings, including Federal Government departments, the Victorian and New South Wales parliaments, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the Ford Motor Company in Melbourne, the RAAF, the Victorian Treasury, Victorian Police and an organisation you would probably use if you wanted to look up something on the internet.

"Our products are also used by mining and resource companies."

The global market leader of building entry solutions, Boon Edam's entrance security range includes a variety of options. They include the Circlelock high security portals, which are ideal for data centres, cash centres and high security applications; the Tourlock security revolving door, similar to the Circlelock but with a full height revolving door, which only rotates to the next section after the person entering is identified and authorised.

 rchitecturally aesetheic and energysaving ourniket doors Architecturally aesetheic and energy-saving Tourniket doors.

This unit is suited to multi-tenanted buildings where additional security is required; the Speedlane Lifeline series of speed gates, including open, swing and slide; and the Turnlock full height turnstile, which is ideally suited for outdoor use such as building perimeters and facilities.

As an added security measure, the Circlelock portals and Tourlock security revolving doors can be fitted with Boon Edam's StereoVision scanning technology, which can detect if more than one person is entering and accurately determine whether there is a second person, or just an item of luggage, for example.

The company has also released the Circlelock Combi, which is a half portal that can be attached to an existing swing door, transforming the doorway into a high security entrance capable of stopping unauthorised entry.

"Circlelock is the most effective portal to pick up and stop piggy-backing and tail-gating using our stereovision detection system," Russell explained. "Many areas such as data centres have a certified fire-rated door installed integrated with an ACS. This door can easily be interlocked with the Circlelock Combi creating a fire-rated, high security entrance.

"We have several hundred different options for the Tourlock revolving doors. It looks like a normal revolving door, but we can guarantee only one person can get through on each security card and that person is who they say they are. It is ideal for data centres and businesses where there's fairly low numbers of people, but high security is still required.

"The Speedlane Lifeline range of gates are suitable for corporate offices, government offices, education facilities, banks, healthcare and private facilities where there is a need to control access to certain areas of the building. Boon Edam has recently introduced the Lifeline Boost, an attractive pedestal mount suitable for the integration of a card reader, barcode or biometric devices, Card Collector, and most third party collector devices."

Russell explained that in addition to accommodating a wide variety of authorisation technologies, the Lifeline Boost pedestal is easy and fast to install due to its unobtrusive, enclosed raceway that can house an electrical and ACS conduit along the surface of any finished floor.

Its small footprint and sleek design make it a well-integrated speed gate feature able to guide users as they present their credentials and then pass them through the speed gate without comprising the traffic flow.

He added that the company also manufactured energy-efficient revolving doors, which could be beneficial in a tropical climate like Papua New Guinea.

 ifeline lide security entrances part of a full suite of security products Lifeline Slide security entrances, part of a full suite of security products.

"Revolving doors can be up to eight times more energy-efficient than their hinged counterparts - all while allowing large numbers of people to pass in and out, boosting security, and adding architectural interest.

"Not only can they handle bi-directional pedestrian traffic efficiently and reduce energy costs by maintaining an airlock, but they can also improve comfort for building occupants and offer more usable space at entrances compared to vestibules."

An example of a hot humid summer climate building that has benefited from Boon Edam's access efficiencies and energy-saving designs is the Burke and Wills hotel in Toowoomba, Queensland, which installed a Boon Edam Tourniket revolving door to reduce the demand on the building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

"On average eight times as much air is exchanged when a swing door is opened as opposed to a revolving door," Russell explained.

"That's eight times as much new air that needs to be heated or cooled and that's why using the revolving door is a great way to reduce energy requirements not only in hospitality facilities such as the Burke and Wills Hotel, but also corporate and government headquarters and office buildings, educational institutions, transport terminals and health facilities that are looking to improve their security and functionality while reducing their environmental footprint.

"A family-owned company - with generations of experience and commitment to quality engineering, service and support - Boon Edam is uniquely qualified in Papua New Guinea to provide true leadership, individually tailored solutions, and a level of service that was previously unavailable locally.

"As a global and local leader in the field of architectural revolving doors and security entrances, we want the market in PNG to understand that we have the benefit of being backed by a global powerhouse, meaning we have the backing locally to provide a quality service you would expect from such a company. To put this in perspective, Boon Edam typically makes more doors in a week than our local competitors Down Under make in a year."