Pacific partnerships forged over 30 years

Reeves was formed more than 30 years ago by Richard Reeves to build cyclone relief classrooms in the Solomon Islands in partnership with the Solomon’s and Australian Governments, has since successfully delivered a number of Overseas Development Assistance infrastructure projects throughout the Asia and Pacific region.

Pacific partnerships forged over 30 years Pacific partnerships forged over 30 years Pacific partnerships forged over 30 years Pacific partnerships forged over 30 years Pacific partnerships forged over 30 years

Reeves Envico

Reeves and CCB Envico managing director, Simon Gorman, said the company prides itself on working with local contractors, communities and all levels of government in the design and delivery of construction works.

"We provide Pacific and remote region experience in the delivery of infrastructure and the built environment that includes design management, tender management, logistical and procurement arrangements, construction and construction management services," he said.

Reeves' sister company CCB Envico was formed 16 years ago to focus on environmental water and wastewater infrastructure. It commenced delivering medium-sized water and wastewater projects in Australia and linked with Reeves about eight years ago to also work in the Pacific and Asia. Its work now includes water and wastewater, and civil and environmental infrastructure.

"Our water infrastructure projects include the construction of water and wastewater treatment plants using various purification processes including IDEA, DAFF, UV, UF and large pump, pipeline and outfall projects. We build on both greenfield sites and within working plants," Gorman added.

The Reeves International and CCB Envico group of companies (known as Reeves Envico) have completed almost $SBD5 billion of infrastructure since their inception, however Gorman said that more than the value of their projects, they were particularly proud of the long list of quality projects and long term relationships with clients, suppliers and subcontractors.

"We are a responsible employer and contribute to the local economy wherever we work. Working with local businesses for the supply of sustainable building material, we aim for 90% of our project personnel to be sourced locally. We work with local training institutions to further develop worker skills and employ final year and recent graduates from construction related courses. We're strongly committed to gender equity and eliminating gender-based violence.

"The Solomon Islands faces many challenges with climate change, requiring projects aimed at transitioning the economy into areas such as tourism and enhancing water security, renewable energy, health and education services," Gorman said.

"We are committed to caring for the environment, assisting government and communities in building infrastructure strong enough to adapt to the changing climate.

"We have just commenced working with the Solomon Islands and New Zealand Governments on the construction of a multi-purpose hall and sports facility in Honiara and also started the supply and construct of a one million litre water tank and pump station in Auki working with Solomon's Water.

"For the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources we are undertaking the design and construction supervision of the Fisheries Enforcement Centre in Noro funded by the World Bank, Pacific Islands Oceanscape program."

Reeves Envico has been exceptionally busy in the Solomon Islands recently completing the design and construction of the new market facility in Gizo; the bulk water transmission main (Tasahe to East Kola); and the four million litre steel water tank in West Kola funded by the Australian Government.

It has also been a busy 24 months elsewhere in the region.

"We are currently working on the construction of the Nauti School and planning the civil works for a 7kW Solar facility in Tuvalu, Government employee housing in Tarawa, a Health Clinic in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea and refurbishing the Fua‘amotu International Airport in Tonga," Gorman added.

"The past 12 months have also seen the construction of the International Airport terminals and flight towers in Funafuti, Tuvalu, and in Kiritimati and Tarawa, Kiribati.

"We are completing a water and wastewater project in remote Ebeye Islands in the Marshall Islands, having recently completed in Kiribati, the Bonriki Sea Wall project, South Tarawa Sanitation Improvement project and Ocean Outfalls upgrade, and the installation of pipelines and water storage in Kiritimati.

"We have also completed refurbishments of Australian Embassies in Myanmar and Tokyo, and six sewerage pump stations under the Colombo Wastewater Management Project in South East Asia."