Painting the right picture in the Pacific Islands

Finding the right paint for the harsh tropical conditions often experienced in the Pacific Islands is particularly important for houses and commercial buildings.

Painting the right picture in the Pacific Islands Painting the right picture in the Pacific Islands Painting the right picture in the Pacific Islands Painting the right picture in the Pacific Islands Painting the right picture in the Pacific Islands

Solomon Sheet Steel/Luxury Paints

However, Solomon Sheet Steel, which has been operating in Honiara since 1998, found the ideal product to add to its quality construction products when approached by Luxury Paints Australia in 2011 to be the major distributor for the Solomon Islands.

Luxury Paints is one of the largest privately owned paint manufacturers in Australia.

Luxury Paints National Sales Manager, Troy Christiansen, said Luxury Paints is tried and tested to withstand the harsh tropical conditions experienced in northern Australia, which is a perfect fit for the likes of the Solomon Islands where similar tropical conditions exist.

"Luxury Paints has continued to gain popularity and is now one of the main choices for builders and construction companies as well as the local customer base in the Solomon Islands," he said.

"Solomon Sheet Steel has more than 20 years' experience in building construction, civil construction, metal fabrication as well as being a major supplier of quality building and construction materials in Honiara and now employ almost 500 people.

"Adding a high quality paint to our range of products in our showroom in Ranadi, showcases the different products available.

"We have seen really good support from both the commercial and local buyers and feel that people recognise Luxury Paints as being a quality, well trusted product that is standing the test of time. It is a wholly-owned Australian business with the main office based in Darra Brisbane and 13 individual stores across Queensland."

Jason Lee from Solomon Sheet Steel added that the business had seen continued and sustained growth over a long period of time since it was established in 1988 and had a team of dedicated staff who manage a large amount of customer orders.

"We know the importance of providing quality products that meet the ever-changing needs within the Solomon Islands. There has been a move to provide quality construction with a particular emphasis on building to AS/ NZS Standards making it important to ensure we bring in materials to these standards that are readily available to our customers," he explained.

"We distribute Luxury Paints to all of the other outer islands within the Solomon Islands and being a premium product, it offers a guarantee that puts the customers' mind at ease, knowing that the products that they are using are going to last and withstand the tropical conditions."

Luxury Paints specialises in decorative paint for both interior and exterior applications along with a protective coatings range. The company also has a specialised timber care range which is also proving to be popular.

Christiansen explained that they see the need to turn towards more sustainable products that not only look good and perform well, but are better for the user and the environment and having a dedicated timber care range which incorporates water-based technology was proving to be widely popular due to the fact that a lot of furniture and housing structures were still traditionally made from locally sourced timber.

"One product we are excited to introduce to our range is the Luxury Paints Graffiti Buster 200," he said. "Graffiti Buster 200 is a two pack water-based clear anti-graffiti coating designed for the protection of stone, brick, concrete and previously painted timber and metal substrates," he said.

"It is classified within the ‘permanent type' of anti-graffiti coatings as it withstands repeated graffiti cleaning cycles before re-application is required. We see that there is a growing need for our customers to protect their property and this is a solution that we believe will prove to be popular. "