Australian company providing important wastewater solutions

An Australian company specialising in the processing of wastewater is now providing a range of water or wastewater treatment solutions to the industrial and municipal sectors in Fiji.

Australian company providing important wastewater solutions Australian company providing important wastewater solutions Australian company providing important wastewater solutions Australian company providing important wastewater solutions Australian company providing important wastewater solutions

Hydroflux Pacific

Hydroflux Pacific established a permanent presence in Suva in 2017 following an influx of orders from resorts for containerised membrane bioreactors (MBR) - the combination of a membrane process with a biological wastewater treatment process - and Hydroflux RoadTrain® - a pre-fabricated on-site sewage treatment system specifically designed for use in remote locations.

Director James Hall said the Hydroflux Group now provided local support, service, chemistry and treatment packages through the Hydroflux Pacific office located in Suva, Fiji, which was supported by the company's Australian and New Zealand operations for system design.

"The Hydroflux Group of Companies are based around teams of water and wastewater treatment experts harnessing the power of world-leading research and technologies for a more sustainable use of water, energy and resources," he said.

"We typically assist in three key areas:

Industrial clients - manufacturing plants, mining and food production plants are calling on us to assist them to meet the recently introduced liquid waste discharge requirements that are similar to those introduced to Australian states over the past couple of decades. We have provided solutions for 100's of clients in Australia and New Zealand that meet these requirements and are now assisting a large number of clients in Fiji;

Resorts - Resorts typically come to us to help them meet their obligations with regards to treatment of their sewage prior to discharge to the environment. We are able to surpass both inland and ecologically sensitive area limits and can assist with the determination of the most effective and efficient system for each application; and

Government - We provide access to world-leading sustainable technology covering all process operations in sewage treatment plants as well as dewatering systems to minimise sludge volumes and disposal costs."

Water treatment is a major factor in Fiji, particularly around the national capital, Suva, where urban structures are vulnerable to extreme droughts and flooding as well as sea level rise, causing threats to the environment, health, and social and economic development.

Urban water supply and sanitation can be affected with service interruptions common during both drought periods and heavy rainfall periods. Existing sewerage infrastructure covers only 36% of the Suva City area and the improvement of wastewater management is vitally important.

Hall said that Hydroflux provided wastewater systems designed to replace simple pond/dam, septic or other types of treatment plants with modern and proven technology able to meet the strict environmental requirements for discharge into the precious Fijian environment.

"We achieve this for both industrial and sewage treatment systems with solutions designed to the client's needs and to conform to, or better the environmental discharge levels required by the Water Authority of Fiji or the Department of Environment.

"The company has had significant impact in the resort sector in Fiji with the supply of a number of our RoadTrain® sewerage treatment plant packages as well as our containerised MBR systems and we are also able to support industry in Fiji with the supply of raw water and process water treatment systems.

"We recently completed the installation of a Hydroflux RoadTrain® installation at the Likuliku Lagoon Resort, a wilderness island retreat surrounded by a protected marine sanctuary. It was this pristine location and the desire for its preservation that led to discussions with Hydroflux for the supply of an environmentally suitable treatment system.

"Another area where we have made inroads to helping the environment is in the food and beverage sector recently completing a large 1.5 million litres per day system at a chicken processing plant and another in the early stages of delivery for a beverage plant."

Hall said Stuart Petersen, a director of Hydroflux Pacific, is the local contact in Fiji. "Stuart was born and raised in Fiji and has had a decade long career in the local water treatment and environment industry and a great understanding of the local needs and challenges."