Oro Governor on his Covid battle

AS Covid-19 infections continued to rise alarmingly this week, senior officials in government confirmed that they had been stricken by the effects of the virus.
Oro Governor on his Covid battle Oro Governor on his Covid battle Oro Governor on his Covid battle Oro Governor on his Covid battle Oro Governor on his Covid battle

Some serious words from Oro Governor Garry Juffa

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Lands Minister and Lae MP John Rosso has confirmed that he has Covid-19, as other senior members of the government join the list of those infected.
Apart from pandemic controller David Manning and his family, Oro Governor Garry Juffa confirmed that he had overcome the infection and had been negative for more than a week.
This is an edited version of what Juffa wrote on his Facebook page:
I am not sure where I contracted it but gave all details for contact tracing to the National Department of Health which was doing the best they could despite circumstances. I was tested positive in Port Moresby and so cancelled all my programs back home in Oro and isolated myself as advised by the NDOH. 
It is no laughing matter. I don't wish it upon anyone. I was fortunate it was not as bad as others. I am still not 100% well although am now medically cleared of Covid-19. 
When I had it, it first felt like a mild flu but soon felt like malaria, typhoid and dengue all at once. I took only paracetamol for medication and vitamin supplements. I drank gallons of moringa leaf boiled and took it upon myself to steam myself regularly.
I ate lots of fruit and vegetables every morning despite not having an appetite and tried to do basic bodyweight exercises daily. Sometimes it was too hard to do this even and I simply did stretches. A low grade fever was constant. Sometimes it broke at night other times I had to rely on paracetamol to bring it down. I was sick for three full weeks.
Thanks to family and friends who kept in touch daily and sent their well wishes and especially their prayers. This helped me maintain a positive mindset. Towards the end of my experience with Covid-19  I started to be breathless and experience congestion. That was worrying but thankfully it didn't escalate. I found steaming helped immensely. I also drank lots of kulau daily.
For steaming, simply boil water in a large pot and cover yourself with a blanket over the pot. 
I also drank a lot of water with lemons and ginger throughout the day. I felt that helped but cannot say for certain as that's just my personal assessment.
Now I have some difficulty breathing at times and am slowly getting back my fitness level. I tire easily and sometimes have difficulty sleeping at night. Covid affects each person in various ways. This is just how I was affected. Others have their own experiences.
It is like a very bad flu, but it is exceptionally dangerous to the most vulnerable such as those with underlying conditions and those who have immune system disorders, our elders especially. 
Be safe. Practise safe distancing. Sanitise. Do not hug and touch everyone you meet. Protect our elders. Care for others. Wear a mask. Eat garden foods. Stay hydrated. Exercise regularly. Rest well. 
If you feel you have the symptoms, get tested.
People, Covid is real. I am especially convicted of this now after having had it and when hearing first-hand accounts and observing all nations treat it so seriously. I have friends overseas who have lost loved ones to Covid in such short shocking moments. Their sad stories are real.
In today's age of information, misinformation and disinformation, it is daunting to seek the truth I am sure we all agree. But I am guided by the fact that all nations, whatever ideologies they have, agree that Covid-19 is real. For once China, Russia, India and the Western nations led by the USA are on the same page. Because Covid-19 is so polarising to international trade and productivity, nations are doing everything to find solutions such as vaccines and possible cures.
I am one who questions everything and somewhat of a conspiracy theorist too. 
But I doubt that even the most ardent evil powerful obscure world tyrant would be able to achieve this remarkable feat of convincing all governments to promote such a unipolar conspiracy.
Huge thanks to the St Johns ambulance team and NDOH team. We need to be mindful of our frontliners out there and support them. 



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