246 new virus cases per day in PNG

ON May 12, Papua New Guinea recorded an average of 246 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of cases since April 29 to 2082.
246 new virus cases per day in PNG 246 new virus cases per day in PNG 246 new virus cases per day in PNG 246 new virus cases per day in PNG 246 new virus cases per day in PNG

David Manning

Staff Reporter

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 12,997 reported cases with 10,915 victims recovering from the virus.
There have been 130 deaths.
This week pandemic controller said that some restrictions would be eased.
In consultation with churches, community organisations and businesses, the size of church congregations would expand in a socially distant way.
"Working with the Council of Churches and faith groups around the country, we are all confident that by increasing the number of people who can pray together, that parishioners will be sure to keep each other safe and practice safe physical distancing.
"Our Christian faith is the cornerstone of PNG society and for communities around our country. We are making gains in the current battle against Covid-19, but we are a long way from winning the war, so we must all remain vigilant.
"From May 13 the size of congregations will be able to increase to 100 alongside everyone practicing safe physical distancing.
"The priority for relaxing measures is enabling our people to return to our churches and places of worship, and congregations to meet and give thanks for the blessings we have in our daily lives.
"Church leaders are adamant in their desire to share the responsibility of keeping congregations safe alongside the government's Covid-19 pandemic response efforts."
Manning said there would be relaxing of other measures to enable greater social interaction with safe practices in the hospitality and gaming sectors.
"With the re-opening of congregations in our houses of worship as the priority, there will be other relaxation of measures, and these will enable greater social engagement so long as physical distancing is maintained.
From May 17 bars with connected restaurants could reopen, as well as bottle shops and gambling venues.


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