50,000 AstraZeneca vaccines expired

ASTRAZENECA vaccines will expire this week after four months of the consignment's arrival in country, officials said.
50,000 AstraZeneca vaccines expired 50,000 AstraZeneca vaccines expired 50,000 AstraZeneca vaccines expired 50,000 AstraZeneca vaccines expired 50,000 AstraZeneca vaccines expired

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The vaccines arrived mid-April and with the expiry dates approaching, a lot of these unused vaccines will be going to waste.
Due to fear and confusion by the populace after widely circulated conspiracy theories, vaccination figures are relatively low with latest statistics revealing that only 78,399 people had received the Covid-19 vaccines to date.
PNG had received more than 130,000 AstraZeneca vaccines from the first batch; however less than 80,000 people have been vaccinated from this batch, The National newspaper reported.
Dr Morimai Ipai from the National Capital District Provincial Health Authority, who is charged with overlooking vaccination at the Rita Flynn Facility in Port Moresby, said that most of the AstraZeneca vaccines sourced through the Covax facility would expire at the weekend.
Dr Ipai urged people not to panic as they are expecting more supplies of the AstraZeneca vaccine soon enough.
"For those of you that received your first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine, and you are due for the second dose, no need to panic, you can still take your second dose even after the due date written on the green card."
Urban clinics in the NCD have started carrying out mobile vaccination in their respective electorates and there is also an onsite vaccination at Port Moresby's shopping centre, Vision City.
The NCD Provincial Health Authority is administering the AstraZeneca vaccine while the Port Moresby General Hospital is administering the Sinopharm vaccine from China.


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