Make vaccination compulsory, says Tarutia

VACCINATION should be compulsory at least to workers and their families, according to PNG Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PNGCCI) president Ian Tarutia.
Make vaccination compulsory, says Tarutia Make vaccination compulsory, says Tarutia Make vaccination compulsory, says Tarutia Make vaccination compulsory, says Tarutia Make vaccination compulsory, says Tarutia

Ian Tarutia

Staff Reporter

He told The National newspaper that this would allow life and engagement at the borders and in the global community to continue.
"We should also take a leaf out of our neighbours in the Pacific - Fiji and Solomon Islands for their example - on the strong position they have taken with regard to protecting their country, economy and people," Tarutia said. 
"Our health facilities and systems are not adequate to accommodate the Covid-19 spikes, let alone other communicable diseases like TB. We all know this. Hence vaccination should be compulsory for all, at least workers and their families, so life can continue without hindrance, stress and anxiety."
Tarutia said the niupela pasin protocols especially for crowd gatherings in public places must continue to be enforced.
"This has not been happening as witnessed in past weeks at sporting events and Independence Day celebrations. Most business houses have been religiously enforcing masking, hand-sanitising and social separation in their work or operating environment.
"It is the public arena or outside the workplace where compliance and enforcement is not being adhered to. Employers have the right to impose safety and occupational health measures to protect their staff and business.
"This includes vaccination as a condition of employment, especially those with high or frequent interaction with the public."
He said the business community opposed a total lockdown and businesses must be allowed to continue operations.
"This is the responsibility and duty of the state, and business houses will assist as long as clear directives are issued. Education, awareness, must be a constant activity and led by our leaders so our people can see for themselves advocacy of safety and preventive measures at the highest level."
Tarutia is also CEO of Nasfund and is a career officer with over 30 years of superannuation administration experience. He was appointed PNGCCI president in December 2020.



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