Contract signed for PNG broadband rollout

TELIKOM PNG has signed a $US20 million contract for a microwave transport system to support its National Broadband Network rollout across Papua New Guinea.
Contract signed for PNG broadband rollout Contract signed for PNG broadband rollout Contract signed for PNG broadband rollout Contract signed for PNG broadband rollout Contract signed for PNG broadband rollout

US-based microwave networking company Aviat Networks will supply Telikom PNG with its WTM 6000 microwave trunking platform to support the nationwide high-speed backhaul network.

The network, which will be implemented in three phases this year, will enable fixed and mobile broadband services across PNG with the additional capacity to serve the country's future broadband needs.

Designed for ultra-reliable, ultra-high-capacity applications, the Aviat WTM 6000 is designed to provide long microwave communication links over distance and in tropical conditions.

Aviat said the WTM 6000 was ideal for the backbone of the PNG national network, which would extend over jungles and the large expanses of water that separate remote islands from the mainland.

Telikom PNG chairman Mahesh Patel said: "The creation of a new modern, high-speed microwave backbone signals an exciting chapter for Papua New Guinea, where mobile and fixed broadband services that were once inaccessible to the ordinary Papua New Guinean can be brought to his or her doorstep.

"We are pleased to select Aviat Networks as our wireless transmission partner in our NBN project," Patel added.

"With the WTM 6000, our NBN will have the highest capacity radio, which will grow with the needs of the business over the next several years."

Aviat Networks president and CEO Michael Pangia said: "Aviat Networks is proud to partner with Telikom PNG to provide a solution for high-capacity IP backhaul infrastructure needs that will make the NBN vision a reality.

"This type of network deployment draws on Aviat's vast experience in designing and establishing microwave trunk networks in challenging operating environments and terrains, such as those in Papua New Guinea."

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