Mobile banking to help rural PNG

A NEW mobile banking service is helping rural Papua New Guineans gain access to basic banking services.
Mobile banking to help rural PNG Mobile banking to help rural PNG Mobile banking to help rural PNG Mobile banking to help rural PNG Mobile banking to help rural PNG

The People's Micro Bank Mobile Banking Service launched the initiative last week, with CEO Anthony Dela Cruz saying digital banking would now be accessible to those who need it most.

"I thank you all for gracing this another historic occasion to witness People's Micro Bank's entry into the electronic and digital world of banking," he said at the launch.

He also said the bank would see an increase in customers for the service, where they would be able to transfer cash, check balances, register for mobile banking, and change PIN numbers.

Concerns over internet traffic congestion have been laid to rest, with PMBL assuring customers that they could access their financial information quickly.

"Our architecture is much different from the other banks. Their system is running off Digicel's main system," the bank said.

"We have our own unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) server so you do not have the risks of congestion.

"We have actually gone through a number of tests on the product and sought approval from the Bank of Papua New Guinea and we have covered all risks to ensure that this product cannot be abused. There are no risks."

BPNG assistant governor Ellison Pidik said mobile banking was a way to promote inclusive economic growth as well as promoting technological innovation in the banking services sector.

"Online and mobile banking channels are growing rapidly in many emerging markets and PNG is no exception," he said.

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