Chinese support for PNG rice

CHINA has expressed interest in helping Papua New Guinea develop its rice growing industry, with economic and commercial counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Port Moresby Zhang Liyong describing it as a ‘sleeping giant’, according to the National.
Chinese support for PNG rice Chinese support for PNG rice Chinese support for PNG rice Chinese support for PNG rice Chinese support for PNG rice

While visiting the Upland Rice Farming project at the Highlands Agricultural College in Mt Hagen, Liyong said his country was PNG's largest trading partner and that the Chinese government would like to give technical assistance and training in rice cultivation.

He also said the agriculture sector had high potential because of PNG's fertile soil and that the Chinese government was looking into ways it could apply assistance to farmers.

The Upland Rice project is one of two the Chinese government is involved at Mt Hagen, the other being Kagamuga Airport upgrade program. There are currently four technicians at the project but staff numbers are expected to increase.

In an interview with China Daily PNG Agriculture Minister Tommy Tomscoll said PNG the sector was historically the backbone of the economy and would like to see a balance between protecting farmers and liberalising agriculture.

He also said direct foreign investment was the easiest way for China to get involved in the country's agricultural sector and that the PNG government was addressing infrastructure issues which posed challenges for farmers.

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