Solar lights up Simbu high school

NEREGAIMA High School in Simbu Province has just had a fully kitted solar lighting pack installed.

  • Staff Reporter
  • 04 April 2018
  • 07:48
  • News
Solar lights up Simbu high school Students from Neregaima High School testing the new solar lights in their classroom

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The Bank South Pacific project was handed over to the school last weekend by the BSP Kundiawa branch as part of the bank's community projects initiative.
The new solar lighting pack will light up two double story classrooms and the staff room at the school, which is a drive of about two hours from Kundiawa town. 
With the total value over K20,000, the installation included four 120 watt 12 volt solar panels, two 12 volt valve regulated acid batteries for energy storage, an inverter-changer EP 3000 for energy conversation, 20 lights with solar LED bulbs, switches and distribution lines.
Neregaima High School headmistress Merlyn Drekore said that because of the school's remoteness it ha been out of reach for basic facility upgrades. "Lighting was an immediate need for our students and we thank BSP for choosing our school."
This was the second of 46 community projects planned for this year with the theme ‘solar lights in high schools'.


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