Exxon takes snake awareness to schools

COMMUNITY affairs staff at ExxonMobil – and a snake specialist – have taken safety awareness about the reptiles to schools near the PNG LNG plant.

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  • 11 June 2018
  • 04:50
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Exxon takes snake awareness to schools A snake specialist demonstrates how to care for a snake bite victim at Boera Primary School

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Exxon says that venomous snake species such as the Papuan taipan are commonly found in grasslands and savannah woodlands in the southern coastal provinces of Papua New Guinea like the Central Province.
"We recognise it is important that children are taught the skills to behave safely around snakes and to know what to do when a snake bites," Exxon said.
The team visited Redscar High School and primary schools in Boera, Porebada, Lealea and Papa. 
The company says that from the snake awareness talks and demonstration sessions, the children and teachers learnt many important lessons.
"The greatest risk of a snake bite from venomous snakes is by people trying to kill or handle them. The children were reminded to never attempt to catch or kill, approach or provoke a snake even if they appear dead. Nevertheless when snakes bite, the first minutes are crucial."
A snake bite victim should remain calm and still as possible to keep venom from spreading and the snake specialist demonstrated procedures on how to assist the victim until professional help arrived.
"School teachers have remarked that the snake safety demonstration and message were educational and have cautioned the children to be vigilant when they are collecting firewood in the grasslands," Exxon said.
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