Dunlop's Oil Labs win ISO 9001

DUNLOP PNG has announced that the company’s Oil Laboratories PNG in Lae have achieved the International Standard ISO 9001.
Dunlop's Oil Labs win ISO 9001 Dunlop's Oil Labs win ISO 9001 Dunlop's Oil Labs win ISO 9001 Dunlop's Oil Labs win ISO 9001 Dunlop's Oil Labs win ISO 9001

Staff Reporter

Dunlop managing director James Green said he was proud of the achievement, the process and work by his team which made the audit process easy and the new standards in the oil testing field.
"This is another example of PNG businesses operating to world standards," he said.
Dunlop said the achievement was important as it ensured that all the testing and reports were at world-class standards and it placed Dunlop's Oil Laboratories on the approved list of international businesses and investors - and it set new standards in PNG.
The used oil analysis facility was opened in April last year and is the initiative of Tyres PNG trading as Dunlop PNG.
The Oil Laboratories facility was set up to Australian and international standards, at a cost of K1 million.
At the time, Green said the aim was to speed up the process of testing oil samples.
"The laboratory is open to any brand of oil and to any customer," he said.
"We are 100% independent and not tied to any brand (of lubricating oil) or any company, and we can tailor a testing package to a customer's requirements."
Green said the main reason to test oil was to check for foreign contaminants, to check if a machinery was wearing out, and if so, what components, and also to help customers reduce overall spend on oils.
"With this laboratory, customers can save money, save time and are supporting a long time PNG business."
Technical consultant Alan Messenger said laboratory analysis could help customers know if engines of cars, ships were in good condition.
"Some machinery uses more oil. Just from the sample, we can tell which part of the machinery is wearing, and how long before it won't work," he said.
The ISO 9000 family of quality management systems is a set of standards that helps organisations ensure they meet customers and other stakeholder needs within statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or service.