A police solution

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill met with Queensland Police Minister Jack Dempsey in Townsville on Saturday night to discuss plans to send 150 Queensland police to serve in Papua New Guinea.
A police solution A police solution A police solution A police solution A police solution

An initial agreement for the two jurisdictions to exchange up to 150 police was struck in May.

Queensland police who volunteer to work in PNG are expected to gain valuable life-long experiences, while the PNG police who participate will gain additional training in Queensland.

According to a Queensland government spokeswoman, further talks are planned, with state officials expected to visit PNG to gain more facts on the ground.

Perceptions of PNG's police forces are worsening due to a string of police brutality incidents, the recent carjacking of a Supreme Court judge, the kidnapping of a mining executive last month and a gun-theft break-in at Port Moresby's police headquarters in April.

A new revelation was made by National Capital District and central divisional police commander Jim Andrews, who last week told the ABC that his own officers were helping on-the-run bank robber William Kapris hide in Port Moresby.

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