Namah undaunted

OPPOSITION Leader Belden Namah has reportedly labelled Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s defamation case against him as a “diversion” from his efforts to expose high-level corruption.
Namah undaunted Namah undaunted Namah undaunted Namah undaunted Namah undaunted

Two EMTV staff members who were behind the broadcast of Namah's allegedly defamatory comments on O'Neill are also subject to the proceedings.

A source to believes a key issue was that EMTV failed to let O'Neill or a government spokesperson counter the claims made by Namah which went to air on April 25.

According to The National, Namah alleged on air that O'Neill had previously stolen money from the National Provident Fund and that as PM he was receiving kickbacks from contracts awarded by the government.

"He has an opportunity to front up in court and provide evidence for the very serious allegations he has raised, or face the consequences," O'Neill told the newspaper.

Namah is reportedly welcoming the case.

"The people of Papua New Guinea must know that this lawsuit levelled against me is a diversion of exposing high-level corruption in our country," he said.

O'Neill reportedly filed the writ of summons in the National Court on Wednesday.

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