Trouble at Napa Napa

LANDOWNERS reportedly set up a road block to prevent access to InterOil’s Napa Napa oil refinery near Port Moresby.
Trouble at Napa Napa Trouble at Napa Napa Trouble at Napa Napa Trouble at Napa Napa Trouble at Napa Napa

According to The National, Napa Napa landowners blocked the road with rocks and other debris on Friday due to outstanding payments from the national government.

InterOil refinery operations manager Anthony Huai told the PNG newspaper that InterOil was being used as a "scapegoat" and the dispute was between the landowners and the state.

"InterOil pays taxes to the state, pays lease to the state [for the land used by the Napa Napa refinery] and any arguments are between the people and the state and have nothing to do with us," he reportedly said.

The Napa Napa Landowners Association has reportedly taken out three court orders over its claims of lacking payments, with the last made on May 13.

Paru Aihi, the Kairuku-Hiri member of parliament, will reportedly take up the matter with Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.

The Napa Napa refinery is PNG's sole oil refinery and any significant delays to its operations could have far-reaching consequences.

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