Frustration simmers

AFTER the election, Enga Governor Peter Ipatas wants a commission of inquiry to investigate the political and constitutional crisis which unfolded after the demise of the Somare government 11 months ago.
Frustration simmers Frustration simmers Frustration simmers Frustration simmers Frustration simmers

The People's Party leader who also wants to become prime minister, Ipatas reportedly called for other governors around the country to rally together.

"Governors must realise that their provinces cannot function well if Waigani is not functioning well, they must come together and take ownership," he told The National.

"Why should I stay in Enga and let my province sink? If leaders are people-focused, there will be no problems. It's no big deal to lead and run this nation and I am determined to fix this mess."

While bold claims are unsurprising as voting and vote-counting continues throughout the country, there is a possibility that a third force could emerge after the election.

This could consist of a coalition of politicians who are simply dissatisfied with the legacies of both the Somare and O'Neill-Namah governments.

The first advocate for this kind of change was none other than Sam Abal, the acting prime minister while Sir Michael Somare was on extended medical leave last year.

It was Abal who was defeated in a parliament vote by Peter O'Neill for the top job on August 2, 2011. Tired of the National Alliance party which officially fragmented that day, Abal is contesting his seat as an independent.

He has called for independents to unite and form the next government, a call later echoed by Mama Papa Graun Pati leader Peter Donigi.

Somare has made it clear he will try and put key figures of the O'Neill-Namah coalition behind bars over contempt of court charges if he leads the next PNG government.

Meanwhile, there have predictably been issues with the state of the rolls in the election with many eligible voters unable to exercise this right. As for the violence that typically accompanies PNG elections, The National reported an unofficial death toll of more than 25 people so far.

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