Another PNGDF shocker

THE PNG Defence Force is falling under more scrutiny after a squad of soldiers reportedly raided a settlement at the 7-Mile neighbourhood of Port Moresby on Saturday.
Another PNGDF shocker Another PNGDF shocker Another PNGDF shocker Another PNGDF shocker Another PNGDF shocker

According to the Post-Courier, the payback-inspired raid put five young men in Port Moresby's General Hospital for serious wounds, set fire to four homes and included the killing of pigs, dogs and poultry.

A spokesman for the affected community of people from Eastern Highlands, Robert Gall, told the newspaper that the soldiers, who were armed with guns, knives and sticks during the raid, were becoming a threat to the public.

"There is no command and control in the army as the soldiers at the barracks are becoming a serious threat to our community," he reportedly said.

The National reported that the soldiers were from Taurama Barracks and started the raid in relation to not receiving compensation for a colleague who was attacked by members of the community in the previous weekend.

The police had already made arrests in relation to that incident and are reportedly working with the PNGDF to identify the soldiers involved in the recent raid.

The raid comes after a group of PNGDF soldiers attacked medical students at Port Moresby General Hospital as part of a payback matter in July, another event that brought about widespread condemnation.

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