Breaking News: Asylum seeker killed in PNG camp

AN ASYLUM seeker has been killed following a second night of rioting at Manus Island detention centre in Papua New Guinea.
Breaking News: Asylum seeker killed in PNG camp Breaking News: Asylum seeker killed in PNG camp Breaking News: Asylum seeker killed in PNG camp Breaking News: Asylum seeker killed in PNG camp Breaking News: Asylum seeker killed in PNG camp

One man sustained serious head injuries outside the centre and died while being transferred to Lorengau Hospital last night, while another asylum seeker sustained critical injuries involving a probable base of skull fracture and is being medically evacuated to Australia.

Another detainee sustained serious injuries after being shot in the buttocks and has also been transferred to Australia for medical treatment.

Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison confirmed there was one critical injury, along with 13 serious injuries, 22 minor injuries and a further 40 people treated who have since been discharged.

Speaking at a press conference today, Morrison confirmed protests escalated last night at around 11pm, before a group of asylum seekers broke through the fence.

"The news of a death is a great tragedy and our sympathies are extended to the transferees of that person's family and friends who would have been in the facility as well," he said.

"This is a tragedy but this was a very dangerous situation where people decided to protest in a very violent way and to take themselves outside the centre and place themselves at great risk.

"In those situations our security people need to undertake the tasks that they need to undertake to restore the facility to a place of safety.

"Equally those who are maintaining the safety of the security environment outside the centre need to use their powers and various accoutrements that they have available to them in order to restore in the way that is provided for under PNG law.

"So this is a very distressing situation but it is not a situation, sadly, that was not anticipated.

"The government has been taking steps over recent weeks to increase our security presence at that centre.

"The government has learnt the lessons from previous attempts to take down centres on Nauru, which were very successful where those centres were completely destroyed.

"On this occasion the centre has not been destroyed, the centre will be able to resume operations as it has this morning. Breakfast has been served.

"I should also note that the vast majority of transferees in that facility did not participate in that protest last night, that disturbance.

"They were removed for their safety to the oval just down the road and non-essential staff who were running the centre were also evacuated prior to things escalating last night.

"So this is a very unfortunate incident, this is a very tragic incident, at least in one case."

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