Polye calls for calm in Enga

OUSTED Kandep MP Don Polye has urged warring tribesmen to pull back from their deadly post-election fighting in Enga Province.
Polye calls for calm in Enga Polye calls for calm in Enga Polye calls for calm in Enga Polye calls for calm in Enga Polye calls for calm in Enga

Don Polye

Staff Reporter

Radio New Zealand reported that at least 20 people had died in election-related violence since last month in Enga around disputes related to the troubled Kandep open seat.
Provincial police commander George Kakas said six people had died since Friday in Enga's capital Wabag after fighting involving two tribes, one of which is linked with supporters of the ousted MP Polye.
Kakas called on Polye to stop his supporters fighting and Polye said he had made repeated calls for an end to the fighting.
But he said it was a cycle of retribution, typical of inter-tribal conflict in PNG which is difficult to contain.
"When lives have been lost on either side, what they would want to do, is they would want to take revenge on that one life, or however many lives lost," Polye said.
"When lives are lost and when they're on the revenge-taking mode, it is very challenging sometimes to even stop.
"The fight continues regardless of the efforts we put in," he said, as reported by Radio New Zealand.


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