How PNG needs to address violence

CLEARLY there is absence of law in Madang right now and basically it is the same story everywhere in our communities
How PNG needs to address violence How PNG needs to address violence How PNG needs to address violence How PNG needs to address violence How PNG needs to address violence

Joseph Tondop

Joseph Tondop

This is Todop's opinion of recent lawlessness in Madang:
People do not fear the law anymore because they have lost respect of systems and institutions of government at all levels whether it be in the village, towns or main cities.
Why is this so?
We can blame our parliamentarians for not enacting strong laws and adequately supporting those mandated by law to enforce these laws but honestly leadership at all levels is weak.
Let's examine some real issues affecting the community today. How can a councillor who is high on drugs half the time in his village earn respect and do his job well in his ward area? Youths in the village will not respect him. Same applies to local landowner group presidents and MPs.
They should not own guns in the village and at the same time talk of peace and stability.
Officials should sit down, produce mission statements and align them with policy directives from the national government and drive them to support service delivery.
This should be done instead of waiting to move only when directed by the Governor or local MPs.
The same applies with managers of provincial and national functions. We spend half of our public service time doing our own thing and not for the people whom we serve.
The judiciary is somewhat too slow in dispensing justice on time. Justice delayed is justice denied.
Papua New Guinea will continue to face many law and order problems and cash crises because of our own stupid leadership at all levels. The worst is yet to come.



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