Former Fiji opposition MP jailed for sedition

FORMER Social Democratic Liberal Party MP Mosese Bulitavu and president of Fiji United Freedom Party Jagath Karunaratne have been sentenced to more than two years in jail following a Magistrate's Court finding that they spray painted anti-government graffiti in 2011.

  • Staff Reporter
  • 02 May 2018
  • 10:39
  • News
Former Fiji opposition MP jailed for sedition Mosese Bulitavo, centre, and Jagath Karunaratne, centre left. Source: ABC News

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Lawyers for the two men argued there was no evidence to prove the men had written the messages, however, the sentencing magistrate said there was evidence they were involved in planning the graffiti, according to ABC News.
An application for bail to allow the convicted to immediately appeal their sentences was refused by the magistrate.
Another high profile sedition case is being heard at the High Court in Suva, where senior staff from the Fiji Times are being charged over a letter published in 2016. The man who submitted the letter has also been charged.
The letter accused Muslims of invading foreign lands and killing, raping and abusing women and children.
All four have pleaded not guilty.
The opening of the prosecution's case told the three assessors their judgement would be about whether the letter would cause ill will to the Muslim community in Fiji, the Fiji Village reported.
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