Schram scrams, not coming back

FORMER Lae University of Technology vice chancellor Albert Schram has left the country and says he has no intention of returning “until major changes occur in the country”.
Schram scrams, not coming back Schram scrams, not coming back Schram scrams, not coming back Schram scrams, not coming back Schram scrams, not coming back

Albert Schram in a Singapore airport selfie

Staff Reporter

This follows charges being laid against Schram which allege he obtained employment through false pretence. His passport was withdrawn.
However, on May 22, against the wishes of  police prosecutor Kila Tali, national court judge Panuel Mogish varied Schram's bail conditions and ordered his passport be returned to enable him to travel to obtain the credentials which would have been prime evidence in a court hearing on a charge that Schram engaged in a "false pretence".
Schram and his wife Paulina left Papua New Guinea on Saturday ostensibly to retrieve the doctoral qualifications from the European University Institute in Florence.
Although he has no intention of returning to PNG, writing on his blog page, Schram said he would provide the evidence to clear his name.
"Because I gave my word to the court, I will go through the costly process of having a public notary in Italy legalise my original doctorate and send it through the appropriate diplomatic channels to the committal court in Waigani.
"This should clear all charges for ever. Afterwards I will claim damages for all the financial losses, opportunity costs and defamation of character I suffered. Some people will lose face, be demoted or lose their jobs, but without accountability there is no justice, and without justice there is no peace, healing and the opportunity to advance," Schram said.



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