Morobe, Madang in border deal

THE Morobe and Madang governments launched the concept of inter-border development programme at Teptep Station at the weekend to promote language, culture and sports as the means to drive socio-economic activity.
Morobe, Madang in border deal Morobe, Madang in border deal Morobe, Madang in border deal Morobe, Madang in border deal Morobe, Madang in border deal

Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu

Staff Reporter

Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu and Madang deputy administrator Marcus Kachau, on behalf of Governor Peter Yama, launched the programme, the Post Courier newspaper reported.
Saonu said the aim was to mobilise communities sharing common provincial borders who had been neglected by provincial governments and district administrations in terms of services.
Saonu, last year, involved the PNG Sports Foundation to conduct coaching and referring clinics, a tournament was held in January at Teptep.
The Nayudos FC which aspires to participate in National Soccer League next year, is sponsored by the West Taraka-based Zilu Scientific in Lae.
Similarly, Lae Tourism Bureau coordinator Maine Winnie is to mobilise, promote, document, package and market Nayudos cultural identity for tourism purposes in line with the Morobe government tourism plan.
Saonu committed K100,000 for people to use local labour to build the road from Teptep to Saidor coastline and K50,000 to revive the Nayudos LLG administration.
Sapia allocated K250,000 to revamp all Raicoast airstrips, subsidise coffee and medivac airfreight, K20,000 for the festival and K5000 for the organising committee.



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