'Provincial days' to get the chop

THE relatively new culture of celebrating individual provincial days must be done away with because it is undermining national unity, says Prime Minister James Marape.
'Provincial days' to get the chop 'Provincial days' to get the chop 'Provincial days' to get the chop 'Provincial days' to get the chop 'Provincial days' to get the chop

Central Governor Robert Agarobe

Staff Reporter

And it is eroding national affiliation and is segregating people that at times resulted in law and order issues along regional and provincial lines, the Post Courier newspaper reported.
Marape highlighted this when expressing his disappointment in the observance of provincial days in the National Capital District and other centres.
"Affiliation to the country must take precedence, provincial days must be removed. If you want to celebrate your provincial days, go to your own provinces," he said.
Marape was responding to Central Governor Robert Agarobe's question on violence based on regionalism or provincialism which comes from the continued hosting of provincial days in NCD, the Post Courier reported.
"Violence based on regionalism or provincialism or mob rule and if not careful this will lead to civil unrest, (and) the talk of provincial autonomy can be seen as political separation of our provinces, however we know it's about decentralisation of powers.
"To drive the vision of ‘take back PNG to be the richest black nation', that means we drive our one-country ideology, that means fly our flag and celebrate one day only and | hope we can vigorously discourage the idea of promoting 22 groups of people," Agarobe said.



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