'Respect yourself' is PM's message

PRIME Minister James Marape delivered his New Year’s message in the form of a youtube.com video with the theme ‘respect yourself’.
'Respect yourself' is PM's message 'Respect yourself' is PM's message 'Respect yourself' is PM's message 'Respect yourself' is PM's message 'Respect yourself' is PM's message

James Marape

Staff Reporter

These are his opening remarks in the 20-minute video.
"The last 44 years of our nation's history has not been easy, we have had our ups and downs, which have been caused by many factors one of which is complacency - how we respect each other and come together as a nation.
"We have been written off many times, it has been said that we will fail as a nation. But we have stood the test of time. As we move into the 2020s, I would like to encourage our citizens to have faith. 
"Your country still has the potential to become the richest, black, Christian nation on planet earth - if not the richest nation on planet earth. I say this with sincerity of heart knowing that God has blessed our country with so much potential.
"We have every resource that any country can dream of. But still, over the past 44 years, we are still trying to find the right mechanisms, the right formula, the right modus operandi so that we can advance the course of our country so that every citizen, irrespective of where they come from, can truly enjoy the benefits in our land," Marape said.
The message may be found at this address: https://bit.ly/37tSoNp