State of emergency extended

AS expected, Papua New Guinea’s parliament passed an extension to the state of emergency for a further two months.
State of emergency extended State of emergency extended State of emergency extended State of emergency extended State of emergency extended

Prime Minster James Marape

Staff Reporter

"We are mapping our country on the coronavirus, and thank God Yahweh so far our country is free of virus.
"But that does not mean we become complacent. Based on global and regional medical trend and evidence before government on the dangers of lack of protective measures, our country stands totally exposed to the devastation coronavirus can cause to our people and economy," Marape said.
He said that some of the orders would be less restrictive, with the resumption of all domestic flights and allowing public motor vehicles and markets to operate.
"Churches and work places and public gathering must now readjust to minimal number of person (small groups) with safe distances of work. We will make further announcements including safety of our children at schools after the 14 day isolation phase expires next Sunday.
"For those overseas trying to travel in, we will do special uplift from Brisbane and Cairns and Singapore under special clearance when we establish your medical clearances and you will be isolated here for 14 days," Marape said.



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