This is what I did for Lae, says O'Neill

IN A lengthy news release, Prime Minister James Marape criticised predecessor Peter O’Neill for having “done nothing” for the people in the Lae constituency during his rule between 2011 and 2019.
This is what I did for Lae, says O'Neill This is what I did for Lae, says O'Neill This is what I did for Lae, says O'Neill This is what I did for Lae, says O'Neill This is what I did for Lae, says O'Neill

Peter O'Neill

Staff Reporter

This is an edited version O'Neill's has response to Marape:
I think James Marape is blind and desperate. He and Pangu have no policies going into this election and has therefor nothing to debate. It makes me think about his infamous and now embarrassing Marape Manifesto where his hollow words still ring out.
He is simply lost and incompetent so now looking for things to say.
I thank James Marape for the opportunity to talk about what PNC Government delivered for Lae
If he wants to know what PNC government has done in Lae, he should be ashamed driving on the roads and landing on the runway we built.
He should be ashamed of flying his Pangu flags on power poles that we built.
The PNC government have transformed Lae from a potholed city into a cement road city using our local know how to ensure we built roads that can withstand the heavy rainfall in the city.
We have built a world class Port providing much needed shipping services so that Lae can take up its rightful place as the industrial capital of PNG.
We approved and started building the four-lane highway to Nadzab Airport.
We approved the construction of new Nadzab Airport upgrade and terminal and ensured the money was in place to complete the project to world class standards with the assistance of the Japanese government.
I negotiated with the Australian government to upgrade Lae's Angau Hospital.
We supported the expansion of tuna fisheries factories in Lae creating thousands of jobs here in PNG.
PNC's Tuition Fee Free education policy ensured that all children in Lae were able to have the right to attend school giving thousands of young people a step up in life.
Lae is the industrial capital of our country, and a large part of the PNC strategy was to support mega projects such as Wafi-Golpu copper-gold development and Porgera gold mine to grow the number of people employed.
We achieved 99.6% reliability of power supply in Lae and the Ramu Grid in March 2019 delivering what the community in Lae demanded of us.
We listened and we delivered to the people of Lae.
Marape should ask himself: What have I done for Lae? He needs to remind himself that the green rent-a-crowd photos and sweet talk does not mean delivery.
He should meet with the closed small business owners in Lae who he were forced into bankruptcy and in doing so, he has made many hardworking people, unemployed with his mismanagement of the economy.
He has delayed by three years the construction of Wafi-Golpu mine. He did not deliver a better deal for Lae and Morobe - he delivered no deal at all.
He should remember he shut down the operating Porgera mine causing the loss of thousands of jobs and businesses closing down and costing the economy as a whole, a whopping K9.3 billion.
Finally, Marape claims that I was filling my pockets and not developing the country.
Unlike Marape writing millions of cheques to his cronies and their company for bogus and incomplete contracts, PNC government have infrastructure built right across the country.
I have been subjected to enquiry after enquiry, arrests and court trials for apparent fraud and misappropriation. And yet, all those investigations and judicial proceedings have found me not guilty.
I have been conveniently branded corrupt because other small boys like Marape are unable to deliver. There must be someone to blame other than himself for his lack of results and that someone is me.
Marape was the Finance Minister for eight years in PNC Government, he should know where corrupt deals and payments were made but he has failed to produce one single piece of evidence in the last three years.
But we know where his sticky fingers have been at Finance Department when he was Minister for eight years and over the last three years as Prime Minister. The level of corruption he has promoted over the past three years is unprecedented and certainly at record levels.
The new government will and must fully fund an independent ICAC to investigate every transaction line by line. We will then know who the culprit and hypocrite is.



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