Lelang on how to fix failing PNG

FOR Papua New Guinea to see real change there must be full decentralisation of all legislative, administrative and financial powers to our provinces and districts.
Lelang on how to fix failing PNG Lelang on how to fix failing PNG Lelang on how to fix failing PNG Lelang on how to fix failing PNG Lelang on how to fix failing PNG

Joseph Lelang

Staff Reporter

This was said by Opposition Leader Joseph Lelang in a message on the eve of the country's 48th Independence Day celebrations.
Lelang said this is the only way to strengthen the country. Provinces must run their own affairs with little interference from, or become heavily dependent on, the national government.
He said the Opposition, under his leadership, would continue to uphold the constitution and remain sensitive to the welfare and interests of its citizens with unwavering determination.
"I pay tribute to the early fathers of our nation who have worked hard to achieve our independence and put together a constitution that binds us all together into a nation of a thousand tribes on 16th September, 1975.
"Our early fathers have put together plans to develop a path toward a future destiny in our Constitution where there is prosperity for all of us but sadly, as a nation, we have been struggling," Lelang said.
Lelang said the country had encountered natural disasters, policy-induced disasters and financial crises, biological crises such as Covid 19.
"And where opportunity exists, we fail to act and to do what is right."
He said prices of basic food and fuel, of housing and joblessness were affecting everyone, businesses were closing down or have streamlined their operations while many villages still missing out on basic services.
"We would like to see serious actions against addressing corruption because corruption is undermining our national unity and we see many allegations get swept under the carpet."
Lelang encouraged citizens to rise up and speak out against appointments of cronies and nepotism into top public office positions and politicisation of the public service.
He said citizens should address electoral fraud and corruption, electing leaders legitimately was important because it was the core of democracy.
"These are challenges that have only set us back temporarily from the path that the early fathers of our nation have envisioned for us. We can do better.
"We must never forget that our country is a nation of a thousand tribes and that is our strength, we can do more and achieve more as a nation when we are truly united.
"This means, we must respect our laws, and we must respect each other's cultures, customs, values and practices and we must treat each other with respect," Lelang said.



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