New anti-malaria centre for PNG

A NEW malaria research centre has opened in Hohola, Moresby North-West, a project done in partnership with the Chinese city of Shenzhen.
New anti-malaria centre for PNG New anti-malaria centre for PNG New anti-malaria centre for PNG New anti-malaria centre for PNG New anti-malaria centre for PNG

Dr Ma Hanwu and Pascoe Kase at the opening of the malaria centre on Saturday

Staff Reporter

Deputy director of China's Shenzhen Centre for Disease Control Dr Ma Hanwu and Health Secretary Pascoe Kase officiated at the opening of the centre at the weekend.
There are five floors containing five sections in the building including the office area, epidemiology section, two parasite laboratories and a section for physiological studies and a consulting room for traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture.
It is expected that the facility will place emphasis on the training of local doctors to deal with the disease. "We hope that every year, we can train 300 to 500 doctors and technicians," Dr Ma said.
Kase says the centre is part of collaboration with China to eradicate malaria in Papua New Guinea, who added that th Chinese had been able to eliminate malaria in their country.
There were 432,000 cases of malaria in PNG in 2017, an eight-fold increase on 2014 figures.
Kase said malaria control was one of the biggest health challenges over the years and that past efforts were to control malaria.
PNG's focus now lies in eradicating the disease to support the worldwide goal of eradicating malaria by 2030. He said such initiatives, driven by the Chinese government, helped move towards this goal.
The new malaria centre is a follow up of the Chinese government's ‘Mass Drug Administration' project which was introduced in PNG two years ago.
Kase said the project was piloted on Kiriwina Island in Milne Bay Province and had been showed positive results.
He said the project showed tremendous results in parts of Africa and was confident the partnership with China would do the same for PNG.
Kase acknowledged the Chinese government and the people of Shenzhen City for their efforts in setting up the centre.