THOR addressing teenage pregnancy

ONE of Papua New Guinea’s most respected NGOs, The Hands of Rescue (THOR) headed by Dr Barry Kirby, is taking its caring of young women into a new dimension.
THOR addressing teenage pregnancy THOR addressing teenage pregnancy THOR addressing teenage pregnancy THOR addressing teenage pregnancy THOR addressing teenage pregnancy

These are some of the sanitary pads that are yet to receive their waist ties

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The THOR Foundation's basic focus is on "achieving safe motherhood for women in Papua New Guinea".
But in a Facebook update, THOR explains how it is trying to address one of the underlying issues causing teenage pregnancy.
"We know PNG has a high teenage pregnancy rate and the reasons for this are many, but generally, girls in the village are not well informed about their rights and choices in life.
"To engage young women and girls early in their reproductive life, Kila Dobo at THOR Foundation base has embarked on making washable Modesses (sanitary towels) to distribute to school-aged women at schools where we operate.
"Girls lose about 60 days a year from school because they don't have undergarments or Modesses. This has an impact on their education and they often drop out because of poor marks and marry early.
"They become chained to the village for the rest of their life and miss the opportunity to better themselves. A simple Modesss pad can empower women to lead a normal life.
"At the same time Kila wants to inform women about their sexual and reproductive life and the importance of choosing the right partner: the importance of delaying pregnancy until being ready and/or contraceptive choices to avoid teenage pregnancies.
"We would love it if you could help us support these women," the post on Facebook concludes.



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