PM criticised for flouting virus rules

PRIME Minister James Marape has been sharply criticised over ignoring social distancing while on an official visit to attend the ground breaking ceremony for the redevelopment of Nadzeb International Airport at the weekend.
PM criticised for flouting virus rules PM criticised for flouting virus rules PM criticised for flouting virus rules PM criticised for flouting virus rules PM criticised for flouting virus rules

James Marape fist-bumping mud men at the ground breaking of Nadzab International Airport

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Marape placed on Facebook a picture of himself fist-bumping with masked mud men, without concern for his government's own rules on staying safe during the pandemic.
Followers on Facebook were quick to point out this in replies to Marape's post. These are some of the responses:
Jo-Anne Weiss: Mr Marape please be the best example to your citizens and wear a mask! You DO have a beautiful smile but please show your genuine commitment to beat Covid-19 for the sake of all who live in PNG.
Ezikle Peter: Sir, you placed a lockdown in the city and you are breaking that very rule. What if one of you MPs that flew to Goroka are infected with the virus? And clearly you and your team are not observing the social distance practise. Please, we walk the talk. I believe in your leadership but your actions say otherwise.
Lasaro Mola Panga: PMJM, your Covid-19 issue in PNG is questionable, I and others doubt your approach.
David Katu: Prime Minister you've set a precedent by not complying with Covid-19 protocols. It brings into question your leadership in the fight against Covid-19 in the country.
Mannah Wiru: Well done but why not wearing mask? If you love you people truly you should wear a mask to protect them and also you too.
Carolyn Jeanneret: You should be wearing a mask and social distancing, PM.
Sopa Ninge: Good to see but those mud men have their traditional masks … but you must left yours in Port Moresby ...
Mathias Jack: Lead by example: wear a mask.


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