SP hits back at EHP alcohol ban

SOUTH Pacific Brewery Ltd has reacted strongly to the alcohol ban which will be in place in the Eastern Highlands with effect from September 1.
SP hits back at EHP alcohol ban SP hits back at EHP alcohol ban SP hits back at EHP alcohol ban SP hits back at EHP alcohol ban SP hits back at EHP alcohol ban

John Nilkare

Staff Reporter

SP Brewery's company secretary and spokesman John Nilkare said that restricting legal alcohol in a market can have unintended consequences.
"Firstly, it may lead to a rise in illicit alcohol production and distribution, potentially resulting in unsafe and unregulated products that pose health risks to consumers," he said in a post on Facebook.
"Secondly, reduced availability of legal alcohol might encourage consumers to turn to other substances, such as illegal drugs, leading to public health issues and increased criminal activity. Additionally, a decline in tax revenue from alcohol sales could strain government budgets and impact funding for essential services.
Furthermore, restricting alcohol might negatively impact the hospitality industry, as bars, restaurants, and liquor stores could face decreased sales and potential closures.
"This could lead to job losses and economic hardships for individuals working in these sectors. Socially, such restrictions might give rise to black markets and contribute to corruption, as individuals seek ways to bypass regulations.
"Lastly, it could erode personal freedoms, raising questions about the government's role in regulating individual choices. Balancing the desire to address alcohol-related problems with these potential unintended consequences is crucial when considering such restrictions," Nilkare wrote in the Facebook posting.
This follows the Eastern Highlands Provincial Government's imposition of an alcohol ban for September this year.
Governor Simon Sia announced this at the launching of a five-year district development plan recently.
"Starting September 1, there is a one-month alcohol ban in Eastern Highlands," Sia said.
He said this step is necessary in view of the Goroka show that coincides with Papua New Guinea's independence celebrations on September 16.
The governor added that this ban is the beginning new rulings on the consumption of alcohol in the province.
"There will be a new measure in place for the consumption of alcohol in Eastern Highlands. We do not want anything with more than 6% alcohol content coming to the province."
He said the provincial government had to take this measure to counter alcohol-related social illnesses inflicted in the society.
He said the consumption of highly potent alcohol at cheap prices has degraded the intelligence of human beings and urged the students to stay away from indulging in this mind-poisoning alcohol.
"Stay away from alcohol, concentrate on you studies and be a part of the government scholarship that sends 23 students to study overseas this year," Sia said.



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