$136M undersea cable deal signed

VOCUS and the Australian government have signed the $A136.6 million contract for Vocus to manage the construction of a high-speed undersea telecommunications cable to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.
$136M undersea cable deal signed $136M undersea cable deal signed $136M undersea cable deal signed $136M undersea cable deal signed $136M undersea cable deal signed

Australian official Penny Russell and Vocus managing director Kevin Russell at the signing

Staff Reporter

It marks the start of the physical installation of the Coral Sea Cable System, Australia's Foreign Affairs Department said.
Australia will deliver and fund the most of the cables, with a financial co-contributions from both PNG and Solomon Islands.
"Australia's strong support for this project is a reflection of our enduring commitment to the Pacific, where we work with partners to support the region's stability, security and prosperity. 
"Boosting connectivity in PNG and Solomon Islands will drive economic growth, and improve governance and security. World Bank research estimates improved internet access and connectivity could grow GDP by more than US$5 billion and create close to 300,000 new jobs in the Pacific by 2040," Foreign Affairs said.
The Coral Sea Cable System is scheduled for completion by the end of 2019.


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