Caution ahead: NCD road works

THE National Capital District Commission has announced additional road works to be carried out in Port Moresby.
Caution ahead: NCD road works Caution ahead: NCD road works Caution ahead: NCD road works Caution ahead: NCD road works Caution ahead: NCD road works

Staff Reporter

Hohola commercial roads:  This work comprises of reconstruction of Frangipani Street, Kunai Street/ Hibiscus Link, Poinciana Crescent and Croton Street. This is major construction work including drainage, footpaths and lights, as such has longer construction period. The work will be carried out by section by section with Frangipani Street first up. Wards Road/Frangipani roundabout is also under construction, pro bono by SMPL.
Scratchley Road:  This work is of rehabilitation nature and starts from the new Butuka College and limits at Badili roundabout.  This is fully funded by the Shenzhen Municipal Government on a turnkey basis. They will appoint designers, contractors, project manager and supervise the construction. NCDC's involvement will be regulatory in nature. This rehabilitation work will be completed in three to four months. 
APEC protocol works: There will be minor works to allow the leaders' limousines turn into selected hotels. This includes, right in/out to Holiday Inn from Wards Road; to Airways off Six to Seven Mile road; to Stanley Hotel off Independence Drive and a two-lane Mary Street. 
"Traffic diversions will be guided through the barriers and signs on site. A lot of patience is required, and driver courtesy will also help the situation," the NCDC said. 
"Remember while driving in slow traffic to keep windows closed, doors locked, remain alert and if possible do not ‘creep up' to the car in front - leave yourself some room if you have to make an emergency turn out of a problem." 


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