Struggle continues for Manam

A TRIBAL leader in Papua New Guinea says evacuees of the 2004 volcanic eruption on Manam Island are now refugees in their own country.

  • Staff Reporter
  • 16 December 2018
  • 14:10
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Struggle continues for Manam

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The chief of Manam Island's Dugulaba Village, Paul Maburau, has criticised the PNG government over its handling of the Manam resettlement programme, Radio New Zealand International reports.
He said there had been a rise in social problems among families living in evacuation centres as they struggled to earn a living to feed their children and send them to school.
"Government can get in asylum seekers and put them into Manus Island. It's a disgrace to the people of Manam because they are affected and they are the ones that the government has to turn on before taking on asylum seekers," Paul Maburau said.
"They have to find a land where they can settle them rather than sitting in the care centre for the last 15 years."
Maburau said the government had allocated $K3 million to help resettle the islanders - yet "no-one knows where the money has gone. And people are still suffering".
"It's all talk and no action," Maburau said.


Struggle continues for Manam

Struggle continues for Manam

16 December 2018 14:10
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Caledonia stays with France

06 November 2018 14:57

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