No extra pay for arrests, says Baki

POLICE Commissioner Gari Baki rejected the suggestion by one of his senior officers to pay police officers extra for the number of arrests they make.
No extra pay for arrests, says Baki No extra pay for arrests, says Baki No extra pay for arrests, says Baki No extra pay for arrests, says Baki No extra pay for arrests, says Baki

Gari Baki

Staff Reporter

Baki said the proposal by National Capital District metropolitan superintendent Perou N'dranou this week was "totally wrong and counter-productive", The National newspaper reported.
"I will not allow it to be implemented. In fact, policemen are among the highest paid public servants in the country," he said.
N'Dranou had suggested that to reduce petty crimes in the capital city, a monthly incentive of K300 per arrest be paid to officers as an incentive to make them work harder.
"Many people accused of petty crimes have not been arrested. Police officers take the details of the crime and then free the perpetrators," he said.
But Baki said in a statement yesterday while N'Dranou's heart "may be in the right place, the proposal is counter-productive".
He said police officers "have a constitutional duty and responsibility to apprehend, arrest and charge law-breakers".
"They are already paid. So the payment of bonuses is ethically wrong," Baki said.
He suggested that it would be better to offer performance-based contracts to police officers "where non-performance will warrant instant termination of employment and performance will ensure their continued employment with the constabulary".
Baki admitted that there were many free-riders in the police force "who need to be motivated to work but not with such cash incentives", The National newspaper reported.


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